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David FullerSystems and Operations Engineer NASA Glenn Research Center

David Fuller has over 40 years of experience in space and aviation operations and systems safety engineering that includes air traffic control, Space Shuttle, MIR, ISS, and commercial communications satellites. He has worked in NASA human spaceflight operations in a variety of roles that include Shuttle Communications and Biomedical Engineering for the NASA Flight Surgeon. He worked for the German Space Agency (DLR) Flight Surgeons Office, was a member of the DLR Medical Board for the D-2 Spacelab mission, directed on-orbit operations for several European Space Agency (ESA) Spacelab facilities, directed flight operations for a fleet of commercial communications satellites, and conducted training for astronauts and mission operations controllers. He has also served as a safety engineer at NASA JSC and was lead operations and systems engineer for a startup launch vehicle developer. Mr. Fuller currently works at the NASA Glenn Research Center near Cleveland, OH, as a systems and operations engineer on several projects related to space and aviation human factors and operations. He is also a member of the NASA Human Factors Technical Discipline Team. Mr. Fuller has studied human decision factors and organizational accidents since 1990, and written and presented papers on adapting aviation crew safety concepts to space operations and the medical industry. He has also led workshops for space operations managers, program managers, and aviation safety personnel to better understand decision making processes and their sometimes undesirable outcomes. He has presented on human performance at the Cleveland Clinic Medical Innovation Summit, ReliabilityFirst Electric Grid Regulator, and the Akron General Hospital Emergency Department. Mr. Fuller is an Associate Fellow of the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA), Past Chair of the AIAA Space Operations and Support Technical Committee, and a past member of the editorial board of the Patient Safety Journal of the Joint Commission Resources on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations. He has participated in numerous NASA- and AIAA-led educational outreach efforts, supporting STEM education efforts in many schools around the USA.